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Posted by Bob Brown on 26 Aug '14

Are business people so much better than sports people that they don't need coaching?

Successful sports people use coaches not only as they are getting started but to refine their skills when they are winning so that they keep ahead.

It always interests me that when sports people and teams do badly or well, the coach is seen as integral and having played a vital role. Business, is even more complex than sport, but many people often don’t even think that they need a coach. Few people in sport would expect to achieve success without a coach, so what is the difference in business?

Coaching in sports even has its own BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. I couldn't find an equivalent award for business coaches!

The message from sport is that a coach will help you to success in the beginning and then help you keep there by honing your skills and adjusting, focusing on the details as the challenges change.

As you grow coaching helps you build a great team. Sir Clive Woodward, the great England Rugby coach says, great teams are made up of great individuals. When he was coaching the England rugby team, he brought in athlete, Sir Steve Redgrave as a motivational coach. He learned Redgrave actually spent more time and effort on individual development than team development. Woodward realised that you need to coach your team individually as well as part of a team. Get them to focus on being the best in their own role.

They seem like really good reasons why businesses should have a coach as well.

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