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Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Dec '20

What sort of innovative growth do you want to achieve in 2021?

How do you want to grow in 2021? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

2020 has undoubtedly made me question lots of things. One of the things I do continue to believe is that if you are not growing, you are dying. But I have realises that this can be misunderstood.

Growth, particularly in business, can often be assumed to be only in terms of size and money, but it can be so many more things.

For many people, 2021 will have to be a year of change as we respond to the events of 2020. 2020 has been a chance to rethink what success looks like.

As you plan 2021, consider if any of these might be areas where you want to experience innovative growth. The test will be if they inspire you.

Changing your world

Has 2020 made you realise that some aspects of your life could be improved? Did you realise you really didn’t like the commute or you really do need to be with people? That your work-life balance was wrong – you like seeing more of your children or maybe less!!

Growing in knowledge

Could learning a new skill or body of information make 2021 an excellent year for you? During 2020 I learnt how to get a robot on the website, and it has radically impacted the business. I’m still not totally in control of Aspira, I hope she doesn’t annoy you too much, but I have talked to more people because of her. What could you learn in 2021 which would improve your life or your work? It might be how to cope better in times like the Pandemic, a musical instrument, gardening, knitting or social media, the opportunities are endless.

Growing your impact

Are you changing the world enough? Could you do more? How could you innovate to increase your impact? This doesn’t necessarily mean getting larger. Could you do more for the people you already work with or tweak what you offer, so it has a more significant impact? Do you need to change what you do to help people who have suffered in 2020? Could you learn from the sectors that were forced to adopt the digital world like Yoga teachers or pub quiz masters? Could you increase your impact by going digital?


Influencers have shown that the number of people you are connected to may be the way you can be successful. Growing your relationships, so you impact and work with more people could be a measure of success in 2021.

Growing is progressing, and you can measure it in lots of ways beyond just money or sales. And you don’t have to do it alone, lots of successful growth comes from collaboration just look at what it has achieved in developing the vaccines for Covid 19. Most inspirational growth comes from being creative and innovative, and that’s what I particularly love. See more:


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