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Posted by Sarah Brown on 25 Apr '24

Where are you on your journey to changing the world?

Do you have an idea you keep thinking about? Has your organisation got into a rut and isn't achieving what you dreamed it would? Or do you just complain and believe the world is going to hell in a handcart?

Everyone can change the world, even by saying hello and smiling at someone. But today, I was prompted to write this blog by a shocking article I read in The Times. Part inspirational, part depressing, it made me realise that it is imperative that people who care ACT.

The full article, which you can find through the link, was a source of inspiration for me. It revealed that between 1990 and 2019, the number of people living in extreme poverty (defined as surviving on $2.15 a day or less) plummeted from 2 billion to 677 million. This is a monumental achievement of our time, especially considering the rising global population. It's a testament to what we, as a collective, can accomplish!

What depressed me was the West buying up seven billion doses of covid vaccine(and throwing some away) when the poor of the world died because they couldn't access any.

Got an idea

If you have an idea that will improve the world in some way but need to know how to proceed, I am happy to have a free chat.

Get started. There will be people who want to help but don't have an idea or feel unable to lead.

Know of a problem

If you know what you want to solve but need an idea, ring for a chat. I have lots of ideas and have worked with over 100 different sectors; I may know the person you need to talk to or where you might look. I am also good at finding what people are brilliant at; you often take what you can offer for granted.

Stuck not performing or growing as you should

You might need to reboot or make some adjustments, but it can be helpful to get an external perspective. Take some time to assess if your vision is still powerful and inspiring, and ensure that your values are clear and prioritised (really critical). Additionally, consider whether your theory of change is still relevant or if the world around you has shifted. Create a mission map to help rekindle your passion and clarify your way forward

Successful but want to spread the word to more people

Would you consider franchising your business, charity or social enterprise? Or maybe writing a book? I'm publishing a book this year to share my experiences and help others make a positive impact in the world "Winning by being Good".

Here are some blogs and an ebook which you may find helpful and inspirational:

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