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Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Feb '19

Which sector is now the exemplar of being responsible?

Public distrust and scandals are now linked to every sector from politics to business to charities, we all need to be addressing how to act from responsibly if society is to thrive

I am just finalising my book “Winning by being Good” which is based on the model of the Responsible Organisation Charter. Originally, its focus was on business because when I started writing it, I had identified that there was no comprehensive model of how to operate a business in an ethical and financially sustainable way. There are lots of books about each of the elements, but none address the entirety of how to operate in a responsible way.

But as MPs leave the Labour Party because of its culture, charities get criticised for how they are behaving, and even the Church faces ethical issues on investments it looks like the message of the book is relevant across every element of society. I knew it would be useful for charities as I have extensive experience in the sector as well as in business, but the public sector and politics also look like they can learn from it.

Individuals, particularly millennials, are attracted to organisations that have a purpose beyond making money or serving their own ends. The distaste many people have for how the political parties seem to be only thinking about their own success rather than the needs of the country illustrates how individuals are more and more desperate for all the organs of society to act in a Responsible way.

Winning by being Good

The focus of the book is how to be responsive to the needs of the current economy and world situation in a way that will achieve on-going success based on the premise that acting responsibly is the way to be the most successful and change the world for the better.

It outlines how to achieve the key elements of: inspirational leadership based on real values that translate into behaviour and actively pursuing a vision; a culture ready to adapt learn and collaborate; powerful relationships with staff, suppliers and the wider world; product offerings which are consistent, life changing and good for the environment; and underlying all this financial success based on having a clear focus in terms of a niche, sustainable profit and innovative growth.

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