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Posted by Sarah Brown on 27 Jul '12

Who is going to inspire us the most over the next 17 days? Getting high on new inspiration

The Olympics is about inspiration, each time it is held the individual stories are what make it special, so it would be great to discover who inspires people this time

Even before the opening ceremony I've been inspired by a young woman from India.

I've already been inspired by the daughter of a tuc tuc driver from India. Born in a small village near the eastern Indian city of Ranchi, Deepika Kumari discovered her skill at aiming by targeting ripe mangoes on trees.am, my life.

Kumari was encouraged to take up archery by one of her cousins when she was just 12. The 18-year-old practiced archery in her village by hand-crafting bamboo sticks into bows and arrows.

Life is about being inspired, then setting a goal, an aspiration that flows from inspiration and then achieving it. The Olympics is a chance to refuel with more inspiring stories, so I'm hoping to find out who is inspiring people. My drug of choice is inspiration so I'm hoping that over the next month I'm really going to feed my habit.

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