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Posted by Sarah Brown on 20 Oct '10

Why did you go into business?

Remember your passion that got you into business and use this time when you should be planning for the new financial year to revisit it. Even if your business plan is just a simple short document it will help keep you focused and help with fulfilling your original dream.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein

At inspire2aspire, we started our business as we knew that we could succeed, we were passionate and we researched our market. We have an enthusiasm for guiding, enabling and helping entrepreneurs to progress in business. We want to see them make a profit, enjoy themselves and focus on their best assets.

The thing is, the first few years in business are difficult. Whoever told you differently was lying. You need to be passionate and enthusiastic to make your business work. If you don’t believe in your company or your product, why should your customer?

Recently, Brad Burton, MD of 4Networking, was speaking at a business event. He asked the room:

Who would genuinely pass on business to people they didn’t know, didn’t like and didn’t trust?

Brad Burton

Not one hand was raised.

When people buy into your company, services or product – they buy into YOU. They need to believe in you and trust that you will do everything in your power to prove your worth. You need to believe in YOURSELF and trust YOURSELF that you will do all in your power to prove your worth.

When you’re self-employed, it’s very rare to turn off the phone, computer and fax machine by 5pm. You’re not earning a salary anymore; you’re earning your living. If you don’t work to achieve your goals – why should your staff, or your clients?

Chasing money is a recipe for disaster – a business with no passion, no enthusiasm and no personality will not be successful in the long-run. We want you to be successful.

So, grab a cup of tea, sit down and get your pen and paper. Write down everything that made you go into business. Why did you believe that you could do it? Why are you doubting yourself now?

By heading back to the beginning – we can achieve what we planned to.