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Posted by Sarah Brown on 09 May '18

Yorkshire really is the best county to do business in

As we celebrate Yorkshire Day today let's step into the future to understand why Yorkshire is the best place for business in the 21st century when sustainable business success is based on more than profit

Here's an article from newstoday download site 1st August 2034

"World leaders and economists are visting Yorkshire to understand why it has become so much more successful over the last 20 years and is now an examplar for how people want to live and work.

It has attracted and retained a lot of world leading creative and innovative businesses providing practical solutions in advanced materials, manufacturing, technology, environment, media, sport and food taking it back to its glory days when the woollen mills, steel and silver industries were at their peak. Supporting these businesses and the people who work in them there is also a strong infrastructure of service companies and individual consumer companies offering exciting and different products in the individual high street and community based shopping areas that people enjoy visiting with their supporting markets.

Many of the same characteristics that made Yorkshire thrive 200 years ago have led to the current success including the canniness of Yorkshire folk who are careful with their money but inventive and creative in finding new solutions to problems; Supported by world class universities based in inspirational settings.

But Yorkshire also has elements that are critical for success in the modern world. Customers look beyond value for money to reliability, they also want ethical companies, companies that care about the environment and are based in strong communities and beautiful surroundings so that they can attract and retain the best staff, products that perform and do what they say they will, companies they can trust because they tell the truth - in the past the bluntness/honesty of Yorkshire people was sometimes seen as a negative but with the declining trust in many institutions it has given companies associated with Yorkshire a real competitive edge.

One of the key factors in the success has been the personal service that Yorkshire companies give, which comes naturally to people who will chat to anyone, and which contrasts strongly with the increasing use of faceless automated digital service models and large anonymous cities. Another attraction which has helped companies like inspire2aspire, the leading innovation and coaching consultancy, is the Yorkshire Common Sense that they bring to issues.

Many chief executives talk about choosing to base their companies in Yorkshire because of the quality of life, from the access to leading theatres, the range of sport, the varying shops, the beautiful countryside to the welcoming people and the quality of the education and housing available. The short commuting distances also help it, the speed of access by high speed train to key cities including London, Edinburgh, Paris and Berlin and the quality of the digital infrastructure."

Updating this in 2018 who could foresee the impact of Yorkshire hosting the Tour de France pre tour and then setting up the Tour de Yorkshire which has become renowned for its crowds and the land art each year. Now almost 200 countries watch the cycle race on TV and see the beauty of Yorkshire both the country and the towns. The cyclists love coming because of the welcome and Yorkshire is becoming the centre of cycling in the UK having seized the opportunity given by the Tour de France.

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