21st Century business

Businesses all over the world are already starting to show that doing good is good for business. It requires shifting from a narrow focus on short-term financial gains to a wider understanding of what it means to make profit. I’m talking about creating value for shareholders, employees, customers, the environment, and everyone affected by a business.

Richard Branson “Screw Business as Usual”

We work with 21st-century businesses that want to grow and be around for the long term. We provide support for businesses that want to be responsible and profitable and recognise that this means working differently.

This does not mean we work in CSR(Corporate social responsibility). CSR for many companies just means what they do for, and with charities and the community. Most large companies have a CSR department and some set up charitable trusts, but philanthropy is not enough if you want to be a good company. There’s nothing wrong with corporate charity, but we believe a company needs to conduct its whole business so that benefits flow naturally to all stakeholders, including employees, customers, business partners, the communities in which it operates, and, of course, shareholders. We summarise this on our Responsible Organisation Charter.

Working with us in the five key areas, you will, amongst other things:

  • find it easier to recruit and retain staff and build a strong team and to feel that they really understand your values
  • build a coherent corporate personality
  • identify a niche which will give you competitive advantage
  • speed up discussions about collaboration by months, and find great ways to grow
  • get practical options and plans designed for you and your business so that they really get used not left in a drawer