A local authority wanting a world class youth centre which would have a sustainable long term future

Working with a council to create a viable community building and the income generation strategy.....(find out more)

What was the measure of success

Initially success was producing an application and the supporting feasibility study that would get funding for the centre. After that was achieved the council wanted a business plan and an operating model which would both address their strategy for young people and generate income to cover the running costs.


What we did

We wrote a powerful application and developed a financial model which both attracted funding and was suitable for running the centre long term. We then provided on-going support with a mix of action plans, sponsorship strategies and broad input on every element of the development to link social return to a viable business plan

The impact

Firstly our documents supported over £3 million of successful funding bids so that the centre could be built. Our on-going support has helped keep the project on track for a successful and sustainable opening involving the council with partner organisations including the NHS and local charities.

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Posted on 17 Jan '12 | Tags: strategic development business planning feasibility study local authority charity funding and investment public sector testimonial