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Sector: Charities & Social Enterprises

Advice service charity looking to grow and potentially merge with others

What was the measure of success

When we asked the charity what success would  look like at the end of the project they were most concerned to secure the  future sustainability of the organisation and to find good organisations that they could work with.

What we did

We used a suite of tools to help the organization think about what it wanted to do in the future and to facilitate meetings with potential partner and merger opportunities. We also identified how the charity could change legal structure to meet the needs of the local council and get contracts.

The impact

Having ‘wasted months in talks’ with potential partners our Collaboration Optimiser© meant that in a single meeting the charity could identify ways to work with other organisations. In fact so useful was the tool that the client started carrying it to every meeting.

The charity ended up with a clear vision for the future and a set of potential partnerships which resulted in successful joint bids for funding.