Case Studies

The benefit of two sets of experience in coaching

How a video film company has achieved an 83% increase in sales and become more efficient by capitalising on the differing perspectives provided by our joint coaching approach. Find out more about Se7en video

Posted on 28 Jan '16 | Tags: coaching growth profit

A telecoms company wanting to grow

How we helped a telecoms company grow 300% by helping with strategy, focus, goal setting and making sure the website would achieve the growth required. Find out more about Knowledge about Telecoms

Posted on 27 Jan '16 | Tags: coaching goal setting growth entrepreneur

Coaching a living and working together couple

Bea and Andy are a couple living and working together, who inspire2aspire coach as well as providing access to tools and creative and marketing input to help them grow their business and support them through any challenges.

Posted on 18 Jun '12 | Tags: coaching creative think tank entrepreneur testimonial tools marketing

Coaching and mentoring support for a new entrepreneur

Very Delicious is a fast growing start up business that has been helped by coaching and mentoring from inspire2aspire plus strategic input to accelerate the growth and give its marketing more focus.

Posted on 18 Jun '12 | Tags: coaching strategic development entrepreneur testimonial creative think tank marketing

A married couple working together to grow a saleable business

In simple terms the couple was looking for a happy business and personal relationship, which inevitably leads to more success.

Posted on 17 Jan '12 | Tags: coaching business planning tools entrepreneur time management