Topic - Creating a responsible business

How being responsible will increase your business success and profit

The goal of the session is to inspire and to show that making profits and achieving your vision is easier if you are ‘good’ across the whole of your business not just when you are thinking about corporate social responsibility.

The session will provide insights on how to run a business in the 21st century, that wants to be successful, grow and change the world by fulfilling its purpose.

You will be able to identify areas of competitive advantage and potential areas of weakness which could be threats to you going forward.

You will get a framework of principles and tools which can be used to create balance and success across your business and a corporate culture based on your values.

Based on the Responsible Organisation Charter summarising the 15 key areas of focus organised in five themes for a successful business in the 21st century – these will be available as a book.

Sarah Brown, the presenter and author, will share this cutting edge thinking and exciting new strategy tool, which is based on working with 100’s of businesses and sectors.