The Sales Multiplier

Lots of our clients are worried about sales or income at the moment. We’ve got several tools to help whether you are a company or a charity looking at funding streams; the problem of lack of money is the same.

We chose this tool for you because it is a simple good starting point to get you motivated and to allow you to record in one place who you need to focus on to get short term money in and who you need to cultivate to secure your longer term income. Many clients have this on their desk all the time and when they are deciding how to manage their time and key tasks they check they are doing things with these key people.

It is an interactive excel workbook with three worksheets. The summary first sheet is fed from the data on the other two worksheets. It is a working document which we hope you will find useful

Thanks for downloading this tool. We’d like to keep in touch so we can send you updates of this tool, find out how you got on with it and let you know about others that might be helpful.

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