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Creating a winning culture

A critical role of a leader is to set the corporate culture.

Our Corporate Culture Audit© will is designed to identify how well your corporate culture reflects what you want to achieve as an organisation.

An initial FREE meeting to understand what you want to achieve is followed by a detailed proposal.

Our Corporate Culture Audit© is designed to help you understand why your team is not performing to it optimum. It includes a review of how effectively your values are reflected in the behaviour of your staff, how well people understand your vision and purpose and how well these are translated into results that give you competitive advantage. It is the critical first step to creating a responsible organisation (see more about the Responsible Organisation Charter©). Creating a values-led culture is critical to success.

Optimising your corporate culture will impact all aspects of your organisation:

  • Staff engagement
  • Recruitment
  • Induction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Staff morale
  • Incentives and pay bonuses

In the face of turbulence and change, culture and values become the major source of continuity and coherence, of renewal and sustainability. Leaders must be institution-builders who imbue the organisation with meaning that inspires today and endures tomorrow. They must find an underlying purpose and a strong set of values that serve as a basis for longer-term decisions even in the midst of volatility. They must find the common purpose and universal values that unite highly diverse people while still permitting individual identities to be expressed and enhanced. Indeed, emphasising purpose and values helps leaders support and facilitate self-organising networks that can respond quickly to change because they share an understanding of the right thing to do.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School