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Embedding your values

Our 'discovering your values' programme involves using a range of tools developed by us to help you identify your goals, rank them and turn them into behaviours that will set your organisation apart.

Values need to be more than words in a document or even on a wall, they need to be used every day, they need to be 'real'. Acting on the values should make someone a superhero in your organisation, ignoring them should make them a villain. This session will help you ensure your ranked values are translated from dry words into words and phrases that really resonate and reflect the organisation.

We will then work with you to identify how they impact everything that a Responsible Organisation does from how you recruit and induct your staff to the systems and training needed to support their use every day.

We will also review with you how you can make them 'real' by reflecting them in job descriptions, performance indicators, reward schemes and how you interact with the outside world e.g. the charities you support, how you comply with differing local behaviour standards . We will develop a plan to help you launch them to your staff and a plan for how you will keep them alive on an on-going basis including encouraging people to share stories of behaviour which reflects your values and ways for people to report if the values are transgressed.

Giving everyone the tools to uphold your values

As well as providing sessions with staff to help them understand and implement the values we can also provide training and coaching in how to uphold your values when ethical issues arise. This includes challenging scenarios with a chance to practice standing up for the values when difficult situations occur.

Once you know your values they can become part of your marketing to help differentiate you from your competition (see this story about Fedex).

As part of our 'discovering your values' programme we will help with developing a strategy and plans for making your values clear in how you promote your organisation and track customer satisfaction or social impact.