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Business planning

A business plan is a story and like any story it has to be written with the audience in mind. So we start every business plan by asking who is going to read it and understanding what you want them to do when they have read it.

Is it for staff, investors or funders, senior management as a strategic tool or stakeholders to reassure them? Or is it for you to keep you on track? In which case our inspirational business plan on one page could be the answer or maybe a more formal business model canvas.

Generally a business plan should reflect the character of the organisation – brief or detailed, formal or chatty, illustrated or plain; and should also fit with other documents that may be available – if there is a full annual report or a corporate history then, for example, the background section can be short.

This means each plan we write is different, there is no standard format or content list. In addition, the way we do it varies depending on your need, do you want to develop your strategic business planning skills or minimise your involvement and just get it done?

We have been involved in business planning that has resulted in a plan of 16 pages plus appendices up to ones that are over a 100 pages with very detailed market analysis to attract millions of investment. If a business plan is about building credibility then detailed analysis can help. We are particularly good at research and finding data to explain your strategy.

The starting point for strategic business planning is a conversation with us to understand what you want. Call us now on 01709 810080 for a free chat.