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Ethical Audit

Undertaking an independent ethical audit to ensure your corporate culture reflects your values.

The audit includes reviewing organisational objectives, risks, controls and policies. The audit consists of mapping values, policies/codes of conduct, and identifying gaps concerning best practices in these areas.

It also includes a review of:

  • How the policies/codes of conduct and values are communicated, and any supporting training
  • How the policies/codes of conduct and values are implemented, monitored, and any incidents reported, e.g. is there a hotline reporting mechanism/whistleblowing policy
  • Any examples of issues/events and how they have been managed and resolved and systems updated in response

It includes awareness and leadership audits to check the effectiveness of the training and systems.

You receive an ethical audit report, including a risk assessment, any causes for concern and a Mission Map©. The Mission Map© summarises your ethical stance and can be used in your promotional materials and in communicating to staff and suppliers. You also receive a future strategy document outlining ways to mitigate risk, streamline policies, and address any gaps in policy or working practice in relation to your values.