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Changing the world

One of the most difficult areas to quantify is how you change the world, in business terms what are the wider benefits you provide; for charities and social enterprises it is social impact. Whatever your type of organisation how does what you do change the world both directly and in wider terms?

This is the difference between features and benefits – changing what you do into the impact it has, has always been of critical importance to successful marketing and this is just extending it so you consider the impact on the wider society.

If you provide goods and services that enable communities to flourish it means that you’re making/doing things that are really useful for people and as a result you will earn in terms of finance and well-being and consequently flourish .

It’s easier to see how a charity or social enterprise has a social impact/changes the world as they are often either working with people in need or employing people with needs. But just taking some simple examples of different sorts of firms it is easy to see that if you provide a good service you will have an impact.

These examples showing how different organisations might consider their wider impact. These impacts can give you a competitive advantage. If you can make them more specific and quantify them they are even more powerful particularly if you link them to a specially developed service package and a coordinated marketing campaign. One of our skills is in helping organisations identify and quanitfy their wider impact in a simple and easy way which captures the imagination and then to help you capitalise on it so that you can have an even bigger impact.

For example, an SMS provider offering an effective text messaging service used by a home care service for them to communicate shift changes with their staff not only helps their customer but also ensures an old person is not left isolated, alone and in need.