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Exit strategies

We work with business owners to develop exit strategies & succession planning so you get the maximum value from your business while you are in it and the best return when you come to sell it or pass it on to others.

Unlike many business activities where you can build your experience over time most people only come to exit their businesses once. We provide experience from our own business careers and businesses we have sold in a range of circumstances, so you can learn from other peoples' exit strategies and their successes and mistakes. We help you to think like a buyer, but we also recognise that for most business owners there are also other issues, such as the values that you have used to build your business and loyalty to your staff. We help you find an exit strategy that fits with your personal vision for your business.

There are few universal truths in business life. This is one: You will leave your business. There is only one way you, as an owner, can successfully exit your business, you need an Exit Strategy Business Plan as early as possible and then progress it for as long as you maintain your business. Without succession planning , exiting your business can appear daunting and, as a result, owners wait until it is too late to undertake it. The exit strategy planning may change but having no plan is planning to fail. We have a range of tools to help prepare you for exit and to help you find out how ready you are to exit.