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SMART goal setting

Psychologically we are much more successful when we have goals, particularly if they are written down.

We start every relationship with a client by identifying what success looks like for you i.e. what your goal is. We have a lot of tools to help with goal setting across a range of areas and for all of them we look to make them SMART goals. There are a variety of ways this acronym is explained , for us it is:

S - specific - not vague e.g. I want a new kitchen with a xxx range, a xxx fridge etc

M - measurable - it can be counted e.g. I want to weigh 8 stone 5lb

A - actionable - YOU can do something about it. You aren’t reliant on someone or something else. Sir Chris Hoy had a goal of a gold medal and he could take actions to help achieve it

R - realistic - while we want people to stretch, it has to be possible to achieve the goal. Often the realism is in the timescales e.g. I want to be a millionaire – realistic over time but not in the very short term

T - timescale - if there is no time set then it really isn’t a goal it’s just a dream e.g. I want to weigh 8 stone 5lb by the 31st December 2015

SMART goal setting works because the brain is like a heat seeking missile and give it clear guidance and it will seek out solutions. Goals need to be positive as the brain cannot cope with negatives as all the ‘don’t touch’ signs show – the brain ignores the negative and takes it as an order to touch.

Sharing goals with like-minded people and being accountable is also proven to increase tyour success in achieving them this is the role we play with people we coach.