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What is strategy?

Fundamental to everything inspire2aspire does is getting the strategic planning right, so as business strategy consultants we are always asking you what you want to achieve. We've even produced a short e book about how asking different questions will impact your strategy and your success, you can download it for free

We like to think about strategic planning in terms of a journey with objectives/goals/vision as your destination and strategy as your identified route and your chosen form of transport. As you grow you travel. If the destination isn’t clear then you can have the best route and fastest vehicle but you could be going in the wrong direction, round in circles. More importantly different people in the organisation could be going in different directions. Alternatively you could have identified a clear destination, your goal/vision but you have no strategy and thus you have no identified route to get there or vehicle to get you there.

As part of our business strategy consulting we focus on getting the objectives and strategic planning right using a range of different tools depending on what you need. They are all about getting you on the right track so the final tool we normally complete when doing strategy is the Right Track Game Plan©.

If you need help with developing your vision we have a range of techniques to inspire and focus your ideas.

Often the starting point is to identify new things to do or ways of working – we can run

A Creative Think Tank session which will generate masses of ideas to feed the business strategy development and then be tested with a feasibility study. Often strategy needs innovation and that starts with thinking about the customers’ unmet needs. And that’s not just existing customers but all the non customers you have that could become customers. The opportunities are endless and a clear strategy will lead to success. If you feel that you are lacking focus and busy but getting nowhere then that is a symptom that your strategy needs some help.