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Responsible Organisation Charter

Responsible Organisation Charter diagram

The Responsible Organisation Charter (ROC)(c) was originally called the Ethical Wheel of Success but we feel the name more accurately reflects what we want to achieve with this. Our goal is to encourage organisations of all types be they companies, charities or public sector to sign up to the Charter to show their commitment to acting in a responsible manner.

We believe that just like the parable if you build an organisation on a firm foundation, a ROC(c) you can have a secure future. The 15 key elements are grouped into five areas:

Leadership – Creating a business that will succeed without you      

   Shared values – guiding principles for everyone’s behaviour        

   A clear vision – an inspirational future      

   Action Focused – Creating a sense of urgency       

Culture – How we do things round here        

   Adaptable – creating a flexible culture       

   Pioneer Learning – Breaking new ground  

   Collaborative – 1+1=3        

Relationships - Developing a win-win attitude         

   Treat Staff Well – creating a happy workforce      

   Treat Suppliers Fairly – for good value and service           

   Good Citizen - helping the wider community        

Product Offering-translating your vision and values into reality      

   Life Changing- making a difference to people’s lives        

   Reliably Consistent – the same every time 

   Minimising Environmental Impact – ensuring a neutral carbon footprint 

Financial success – ensure profits, results and sustainability

   An Identifiable Market Niche-stand out from the crowd   

   Innovative Growth-keeping up with change          

   Sustainable Profit-Guaranteeing the future

The Responsible Organisation Charter

We hope our book will be published later this year which will explain in detail each element of the Charter. We can help you audit where you are on the ROC and implement an action plan. Contact us to find out more.

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