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Asset development and transfer support

We work with organisations who are at every stage of thinking about getting a new asset:

Idea generation

What would you like to have as an asset and why might you want it.

We have a tool with 100's of ideas about what you can do in a building or an outside space and we can run a Creative Think Tank session for you to explore what you want.

Checking viability

We do everything from a quick check to see if the idea stacks up to full feasibility studies depending on what you need. For one client we wrote a short document explaining the importance of the project to convince the council to let them have some land. Without this land the project was not viable.

Getting what you want

From working with clients over multiple building projects we have developed tools that can be used to brief architects and agents so that you get exactly what you need and want. They also minimise costs and wasted time and ensure any business plans and forecasts are accurate. Our feasibility studies and business plans have helped people developing buildings to attract millions in funding or investment.

Helping you make it viable

Managing any asset is a big commitment and we have a tool we have developed which you can download for free to help you think about all the aspects of managing and running an asset. We can offer support by helping you work out the practicalities of making it financially successful and managing it.

On-going management

Once you have an asset you need to keep on thinking about whether it is still working for you. We use a tool called a focus finder to help in the sessions we do with groups for forward planning. Often circumstances beyond your control can change a building from an asset to a liability. It might be a new facility opening near by or a change in legislation or the economy. Our role is to help you by providing as many options as possible based on our experience and to help you plan and manage any risks in times of uncertainty like now.

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