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Collaboration development

We offer a full support package for organisations that are wanting to collaborate.

Collaboration readiness

Are you ready to collaborate? We can help you identify how collaboration might benefit you, whether you are collaboration ready, and who you should target for collaboration.

We will then develop your own bespoke collaboration optimiser(c) so that you have focused meetings with potential partners. We will also develop a bespoke tool to identify issues about sharing information and the levels of trust between collaborators.

Collaboration Action Plan

The Collaboration Action Plan defines:

  • The scope of the relationship
  • Goals
  • Values translated into meaningful behaviours and ranked
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Service level agreements
  • Shared systems
  • Shared procedures including issues resolution
  • Contact information for key personnel
  • Key responsibilities of posts/individuals
  • Measurement systems
  • Risk analysis
  • Exit strategy

It is a working document that is updated to reflect what happens and can be used to audit the success of the relationship and also identify areas for improvement in future relationships

All our work is informed by BS 11000

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