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We recognise that the goals of each evaluation vary so we will always develop a bespoke proposal as outlined in the inspire2aspire charity and social enterprise support model(c).

We can provide evaluations of specific projects as well as full organisational reviews.

Outlined below are details of how we approach different elements of an evaluation.

Method statement

We will agree with you the research framework including:

  • what we will evaluate over what period;
  • who we will talk to
  • types of questions e.g. open v closed
  • breadth of research e.g. governance, systems, productivity

We will agree who does what and the level of involvement and responsibilities for inspire2aspire and you as client.

Research strategy

To ensure that your budget and limited time is used to the maximum effect we will initially undertake full desk research prior to any interviewing of key personnel and stakeholders.

We will encapsulate the findings from the desk research in mindmaps to prompt ideas and feedback when we undertake interviews. We use this method because it allows the interviewee to set the agenda and decide what is important unlike a list/traditional document that ranks data. It is likely that we will also produce an options mindmap which we will bounce off people to prompt thinking about future ways to go and other ways to support people.

In all research we undertake we always provide clear guidance on what will be attributed and allow the option for unattributed comments that we hold totally confidentially.

We will also ensure the evaluation reflects any changes in the external environment which could have impacted results.

We use a mix of quantitative and qualitative measures based on the outputs and outcomes originally promised to create a robust evaluation framework which is easy to understand and in the future can be referred back to so that it has continuing value.


Where possible we include options and support on how decisions might be made.

We can include recommendations on many issues including:

  • Legal structure particularly in relation to different capital funding models
  • On-going financial viability
  • Strategic goals
  • Practical issues particularly in building management


We include an executive summary.

We ensure that the document is structured to reflect the different needs of the internal and external audiences. We look to make documents inspirational as well as informative.

We passionately believe in providing honest and constructive feedback so you can be confident that we will provide you with a document that as accurately as possible reflects reality.

We have a particular skill in simplifying and systemising complex problems so that they can be more easily considered and we reflect this in our documents that use a mix of communications styles and techniques to ensure the findings of evaluations we undertake are as powerful and easy to understand as possible.