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Making the most of your buildings

What ever the size of your building it can help you change the world for the people who use it or the services it supports. Our goal is to help you maximise the value you get from any new building you are developing or any existing building that you have.

We do this by helping with the initial strategy and then with creative ideas which might include collaborations or thinking of spaces in a different way. We can also help if you are considering or in the process of getting an asset transfer.

New building developments

In a perfect world before you ever start building or looking for an existing building we can work with you to develop a detailed brief about what you need to achieve your goals. This is not a list of rooms, our Building Blueprint (c) is a document establishing what your building needs to do for you to achieve your goals. It can be used to brief an architect or a property agent. It also become the foundation for the business plan and operating plan for the building.

Developing the Building Blueprint(c) helps you:

  • Save money and time with architects and agents
  • Maximise the usage of every space in your building
  • Get ideas on how others have created successful buildings

We can also help with business planning to support bids for investment for the building. Business plans produced by inspire2aspire have attracted over £10 million in investment for various buildings.

The Building Blueprint helped us understand the feel of the building and saved design time. We've never had such a useful written brief before.


Maximising the success of existing buildings

If you already have a building we can help you identify ways to generate more income from it and increase its usage. Our Building maximiser tool(c) lists hundreds of things that can be done in buildings and can help spark creative ideas. We can also work with you to identify who might be good partners to have in the building, helping to improve your impact or save you money.

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