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Using a variety of tools including the Responsible Organisation Charter (find out more about this here) we will work with you to identify how you are doing and what you want to achieve and how you can monitor your progress.

Each project is bespoke to your needs and priorities.

Our goal is to provide you with practical tools that are useful both for the day to day running of the charity and which also provide you as trustees a simple way of tracking issues and opportunities, whatever the size of your charity.

We can also support you to implement the Charity Governance Code which is a practical tool to help charities and trustees develop high standards of governance. As trustees lead in governance this code is an excellent checklist to help you ensure that your charity is doing everything it should to achieve its mission and in a way that is legal.

The Code is intended for use by charities registered in England and Wales and is recommended by the Charity Commission. Much of it will also apply to other not-for-profit organisations that deliver a public or community benefit and those with a social purpose. Organisations or subsectors may find it helpful to adapt the Code to reflect their context.

The Code’s principles, rationale and outcomes are universal and apply equally to all charities, whatever their size or activities.

It is designed as a tool to support continuous improvement. Charity boards that are using this Code effectively will regularly revisit and reflect on the Code’s principles.

Compliance with the law is an integral part of good governance. This Code does not attempt to set out all the legal requirements that apply to charities and charity trustees, but it is based on a foundation of trustees’ basic legal and regulatory responsibilities. The seven Code principles build on the assumption that charities are already meeting this foundation.

The Code sets out principles and recommended practices.

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