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Solopreneur Growth Club

Running your business on your own or with your partner can be tough. That's why we have set up the Solopreneur Growth Club as a cost effective way for you to get the support you need.

It is specially designed for people who run their business on their own or with their life partner. You might just be starting or have been going a while and want to improve the results you are achieving.

Start growing your business

It will help you save time as you learn from our mistakes and others in the group. You'll also get practical tools to use in your business that will save time.

It will help you increase your profits, keep your customers, get new ideas for services and learn how to make your business stand out from the crowd. It will help you keep up to date with the latest business issues and give you a supportive group of fellow business owners to bounce ideas off and share issues.

Practical tools and training

With a basic membership you will get a monthly business skills webinar with a tool to help you implement the ideas. All our tools have been developed to address practical issues that we have found while coaching businesses so they have been tested in the real world. The webinar will explain how to get the most from the tool and you will be able to access the video of the webinar at any time as well as the digital version of the tool throughout the life of your membership. We are constantly developing new tools to address new business issues as they arise so you will also be kept up to date on the latest things you need to know to successfully run your business.

Want to chat with other members then you will be able to access the private Facebook Group.

Group coaching

As well as the tools and training as a standard member you get a monthly 90 minute group coaching session. This is a chance to meet with like minded businesses that want to grow so that you can share ideas, issues and experiences and get coached on key business areas. You can ask the group to help you with achieving your goals. Being held to account for what you achieve is proven to increase your success in achieving your goals (see step six in this blog for the details). Being with people who are supportive and want to be successful like you is inspirational and will also help you achieve more. This is part of creating an environment to achieve your goals which is so critical to success ( see this blog to understand all the 4 steps to success)

Individual coaching

Become a premium member and you will get a 60 minute individual monthly coaching session with both Bob and Sarah who combine an amazing range of experience and skills. This will give you the chance to discuss confidential concerns and get individual coaching to help you grow.