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We first did a Kolbe A™ test over a decade ago and we still use the results now. What Kolbe tests is the way you instinctively solve problems and respond to situations.

We ask the people we work with to do the test so that our relationship with you can be more successful. After a Kolbe profile we’ll know if you like lots of facts, structure or a more relaxed quick creative style. It helps people working together understand each other so it’s great for teams and people in partnerships, particularly living and working together couples. It reduces the frustration of working with people who have a different style as it gives you greater understanding of how they tick.

When recruiting it gives an objective way of identifying who will fit well in your team so that you get a good balance.

What we really like about Kolbe is that it celebrates how you are, gives tips on coping with things that you’re less good at and doesn’t expect you to change. 

The Kolbe A™ Index/Instinct Test: IQ tests tell you what you can do. Personality tests tell you what you want to do... the Kolbe A™ Index measures what you WILL or WON'T do. This quick and easy 36-question instrument gives you greater understanding of your own natural instincts and allows you to begin the process of maximizing your potential. 

It costs $49.95.