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When we work with you to develop a marketing strategy first we clarify your goals and what you want to achieve. Then we work with you to begin to develop effective marketing strategies based on what are your priorities.

Creating a 24/7 marketing engine

Life is much easier if we can help you find ways that automatically get you clients. Here are some of the marketing strategies we will work through with you:

  • Having a remarkable product that users want to talk about and share with others...a product with virality built in--something that works better when people's friends use it too
  • Having something that has a community orientation (community = the people who are your market), so that each new user enhances the value of the community, creating a virtuous cycle
  • Building in economies of scale in both production and marketing so that as you grow, things get both cheaper and easier to talk about and you can even reduce the price
  • Building links with others who talk to your target market and get them talking on your behalf - collaboration is powerful

We will also work with you to review your sales funnel and product strategy and how that needs to be reflected in your content strategy.