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Action marketing plan

Your presentation about the sales funnel and matching it to what you sell was not a light bulb moment, more like being hit over the head with a cricket bat, thank you

The action marketing plan is developed using our revolutionary Relationship Builder© which matches people, products, promotion and prices to give you a road map to growth with a specific market. It is reworking of the traditional sales funnel mixed with a new perspective on matching it to what you sell.

It is designed for use with a single target market and is particularly good if you are targeting a new market. At the end you will have a practical plan which includes what to say, how to communicate and what to offer - a full action plan.

The scary fact only 3% are ready to buy

The Relationship Builder differs from a traditional sales funnel because it starts with a much wider group of prospects and continues with existing customers.

This is to address the fact that unfortunately at any time only 3% of people are ready to buy from a specific company and actively want to. If you target your sales funnel just at those who are actively in the market to buy you miss most of the market. There are 7% who are to open to buying if they are contacted but a good sales funnel should consider the other 90%. Of these 30% are not thinking about your product or service and to sell to this group you must demonstrate, quickly, that there is a problem and you have a solution. Many problems within an organization get put on the back burner. These problems can blossom into full blown company "implosions." Being clear and authoritative as you educate the prospect on the current market conditions and ask questions to uncover how this problem impacts their world will attract this third of the market. 30% of people don't think that they are interested. These people have heard your sales pitch before and can be closed. They will typically require more energy and urgency to close. And 30% know they are NOT interested. Some leads know they are NOT interested so your marketing needs to keep this list on a drip campaign.

In addition to these prospects, traditional sales funnels also disregard the most profitable section of your opportunities, existing customers who will buy more, research indicates the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70% compared to the probability of selling to a new prospect which is 5-20%. It costs 6-7 times more to get a new customer than to retain an existing customer but often the on-going communication with customers is just about trying to sell more or price rises.

Pre-empting your competition

Our Relationship Builder(c) is designed to help you work out how to communicate and strengthen relationships at every stage. It is also designed to help you pre-empt your competition so that you have established a relationship of trust before your prospects actually even know that they want your service.

After defining exactly who you want to target and what issues they are facing we will then work through with you each stage of the sales funnel from the person with a general problem through to an existing customer what questions they need answering, what messages you want to convey at each stage and how you will communicate and build the relationship. For example, you might decide to offer an ebook or infographic as a free offer to get people's contact information and start building the relationship, we can help with producing both and you can see examples of ebooks we offer here.

Making it easy to buy

More importantly we will identify what you should offer at each stage from simple calls to action to get contact information, through introductory products to build the relationship, core products and services and even premium and retained products. It is a waste of time communicating if you do not make it easy to buy. Part of this is thinking about your pricing and revenue models.

A practical plan

Once we have talked to you about who you are targeting we use the unique combination of matching communications to product offerings to give you a comprehensive action marketing plan to get to the targeted market before they have even heard your name. We focus on getting the thinking right so that you can spend less on promotion and marketing.