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Infographic publishing

Infographics are a useful way of educating and communicating data because of the mix of pictures and words. For a service company they are a way of creating useful visual content which can even get you noticed on sites like Pinterest.

Creating a great infographic requires a mix of skills - the ability to find interesting information, the ability to explain it or highlight the key data and the ability to link it to images that reinforce the message.

Helping lots of people develop their strategy for their website made us realise it was extremely difficult to find people who could produce good infographics and that we had the skills to do it.

If you need a call to action or something to share on social media, then an infographic is a great way to do it and we can produce them for you doing everything from the ideas to the research to the design and the writing.

Here is an example of one we produced for a client

Examples of other styles can be found around our website such as this example with photos or a diagram with data.

If you would like one contact us.