Since 1991, we have built a reputation as charity consultants for consistently giving clients the strategic and practical know-how that is required for success, whether it is measured by funding generated, improvement in reputation, levels of support or social enterprise income. This includes developing and evaluating collaborations between public sector bodies, such as the NHS and councils, and charities.

We provide charities with the expert coaching, strategy and guidance that you need. We were an NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) approved charity consultancy from 1999 until 2013 when they stopped accreditation and we have delivered advice to a wide variety of charities and social enterprises from start ups to national names. From start up deciding what legal structure you should be, should you be a Charitable Incorporate Organisation(CIO) or structure so you can issue community shares or own property?

We believe that as voluntary organisations you need to be aware of the full range of funding opportunities including income generation and to have a broad funding strategy and as charity and social enterprise consultants we can help. This should include capitalising on opportunities that arise from the wider environment such as the government policy on localism. With our knowledge, understanding and expertise we are ideally placed to help with strategic thinking, forward planning, target setting and tailor-made steps, goals and objectives. We are passionate about making your social impact clear and simple to track so that it creates a compelling story that will attract funding and support.

However it's not only consultancy and advice we offer, it's our tools that make us different. Mostly we’ve developed them because of an issue a client is facing. For example our Collaboration Optimiser © was developed because we had a client who had wasted months in talks on collaboration which had got them nowhere. Using our tool in one meeting we clarified the situation, as many clients have said, ‘it would have saved us months if we had met you earlier’. We have produced tailored versions to help specific partnerships identify their issues, our approach is to find the quickest and most effective way to a solution to minimise your input of time and money.

We can provide charities and social enterprises with the objective support of a critical friend that can help to ensure stability, income and a future. We are experts in our field, with a great knowledge of income generation, marketing and strategy, understanding you are not just interested in money.