Public sector

At inspire2aspire, we have worked across the public sector to help it achieve social impact in a cost effective and sustainable way often by supporting collaboration with the charities, social enterprise or ethical business.

As a consultancy, we can undertake work directly with a council to develop funding strategies to help you achieve your goals, undertaking the feasibility study and the business planning to support any bids and applications. Wherever needed, we can also advise on procurement strategy regarding working with charities and social enterprises and provide training and consultancy support.

If you want to make your buildings more financially sustainable we have developed tools to identify ways you can generate more income and increase usage or with working to ensure asset transfers are sustainable in the long term.

We also work with councils wishing to support the development of social enterprises and help charities be more able to tender for contracts.

Due to our rare combination of understanding of both the commercial and voluntary sectors and experience with the statutory sector, we often work to help with collaborations, acting as an honest broker, trusted by both sides, that takes both points of view into account. We’ve been contracted by councils to provide strategic support to charities they fund or want to contract with to use our Collaboration Optimiser© tool to expedite closer working.

Other ways that we can help include marketing strategies, interim management and much more. We can also help with turnaround management in key voluntary sector providers within your supply chain.