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Posted by Bob Brown on 22 Nov '10

Passion and success

What drives successful people?

My life honestly isn't as weird as people think it is. I work longer hours, maybe I have a bit more money, but fundamentally, I'm not really that different.

Simon Cowell

We can all be forgiven for thinking that multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, businesspeople and successful manager ‘have it easy’ as they earn more money. We can sit in our own business and wish we had their success.

The question is, why can’t we?

The chance to win business is out there for everybody, providing they know how they change the world and fulfil people's dreams or address their fears. You also have to be willing to work to achieve it, put in the hours and sell correctly. It’s easy to sit and stare at the phone, wondering why it doesn’t ring – but it won’t, unless you motivate yourself and, most importantly, motivate others to work with you.

Simon Cowell hasn’t achieved his fortune by sitting down behind a table on a Saturday night and rating various wannabe pop-stars, he’s earned his right to be there by working 24 hour days at a record company, building his empire. Yes, he’s reaping the benefits now and could retire quite happily on what he has made.

Then, why, you ask, does he keep working?


Simon Cowell, Richard Branson, Theo Paphitis… etc etc, the list goes on, they all could stop working if they wanted to. They choose to continue, to make a bigger impact on their business and to keep their passion alive. Success is not just about money. People may claim it’s greed, but can you honestly say you would leave your business if you made enough money and never work again?

If you can, we deal with exit plans too.

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