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Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Jul '19

What public bodies can do to avoid something like the Nottinghamshire child sex abuse scandal

Corporate culture is critical if the vulnerable are to be protected in cases like these

From the 60’s to today, vulnerable young people have suffered in Nottinghamshire, and the latest reviews still say further improvements are needed.

26 people have been prosecuted, at least 350 abused and the councils have had reviews done but the lessons have not been learnt or applied.

As I heard the first reports about this today on the radio I was struck by how if the Responsible Organisation Charter© principles had been applied then it could have been avoided.

Clearly, close to the top on principles is Pioneering Learning; they had reviews done and got the reports, but they didn’t learn, or if they did, they weren’t Action-focused. But more fundamentally, either they had the wrong values, no values, or the values did not drive the behaviour or systems.

If the top value was ‘care of the vulnerable’ and it had been translated into behaviours in the organisation, then the recruitment, training, supervision and ways to report problems would have been fit for purpose. Either the value was ignored, not in place or not really translated into what happened in practice.

Another ROC© principle is providing a product or service which is life changing and fits with your vision and values, unfortunately in Nottinghamshire lives were changed but not for the better.

If you want to apply theROC© principles to your organisation, be your council, charity, or business, give me, Sarah, a ring for a free chat on 01709 810080. It was developed to change the world for the better and I want to help people do that. You can also register for my book, which explains the principles in detail if you ring the number above or send an email.

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