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Posted by Sarah Brown on 27 Apr '11

The Importance of a Marketing Strategy

Every company needs to develop a strong brand and marketing strategy in order to garner the success they desire. Not only this, but an exit strategy also needs to be put in place, for later down the line. Businesses need to address a number of points in order to form their brand and strategies:

  • Brand values: Your business - and every person involved with it - must have set ideas of the values your brand will incorporate. This is absolutely crucial if you are to be successful.
  • Brand reinforcement: Every department of your business should focus on living up to your brand’s promise; whether it be as a source of information, niche expertise, sales or something different altogether.
  • Unique service: While your business may be offering a service or product that many others are also marketing, finding a unique approach to your execution of it can help you gain an advantage over your competitors.
  • Maximise your success and value: A well-thought out and polished brand and marketing strategy can, for example, bring in long-term clients, which will in turn raise your company’s value, as well as its achievements.
  • Be aware of issues that can de-value your company: Queries over terms and conditions, employment contracts or debts are just a few things that can negatively affect the re-sell value of your company.

Our Approach:

At inspire2aspire, we take you through every aspect of creating your company’s brand and marketing strategies. Our programme is tailor-made to your individual requirements, and as such, we begin our consultation by establishing the best route to your venture’s success. Once we are clear on how you see your business progressing and thriving, we can begin creating your brand and strategies.

A ‘Creative Think Tank’ session is the next developmental step. We use proven techniques to begin creating the company you have always envisioned. We use our Way Forward Builder© to grasp the missions and visions you desire for your company and our Principles Prioritiser© to ensure the focus of your strategies lies in the right place.

Next, we identify the market your business will place in, including sectors to be targeted and any potential market competitors. Using this information, we can decipher where your company will stand in relation to already-established businesses operating within the same sector, and how best to work and thrive alongside them.

We also use the Naming Process© to help you develop a fitting name and establish guidelines for your design requirements.

Once a strategy is in place, we will review it to ensure your company is targeting the right audience, and reaching them in the most effective way possible, with branding and marketing that is sure to knock their socks off!